Everyday Discipleship

YWAM Oslo is a missions movement (ywam.org) located in the heart of Norway’s capital city. We are committed to knowing God and making Him known in Oslo, Norway and in all the world!

Our vision is to make everyday disciples. We believe in a fellowship that equips ordinary people to make Jesus known in their environment by being a neighbour, fellow student or co-worker. We want to help you combine your everyday life with discipleship.

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What is an everyday disciple? How do we bring Jesus into our studies, work, friendships and family life?

These are questions our DTS focuses on.

The heart behind Bibelkveld is to know God better. For that to happen we are convinced that we have to let His message to us, speak to our hearts.

We meet every Monday in Misjonssalen for worship, two hours of Bible teaching and supper.

“Disippel Oslo” is a fellowship where we come together to meet Jesus and then head out to share Jesus. We want to put our faith into practise and facilitate for you to reach out to the people groups God has put on your heart. By doing this we want to join in on making Oslo a better city.

Living like a family, in rhythms that brings you closer to Jesus, and sharing Jesus in your everyday life. To live in a Disippelhus is to make the place you live become a safe home, the center of a healthy life in fellowship with your housemates and Jesus.