Youth With A Mission

Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”), we unite in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known.

Back when we began in 1960, our main focus was to get youth involved in missions. Today, we still focus on youth, and we also involve people aged 9 to 90. We currently have tens of thousands of staff (called “YWAMers”) and we work in thousands of teams and locations.

One of the joys of participating in YWAM is to work with people from many nations. YWAM’s staff come from nearly every country in the world, including places like Norway, The Netherlands and USA.


Youth With A Mission Oslo

After 20 years without a YWAM presence in the capital city, YWAM Oslo was started in August 2012 by Joakim and Elyse Magnus. Their vision was to start a senter that equips people to be everyday disciples.

We are passionate about equipping people to follow Jesus in every day and in every aspect of life. This is something that’s being reflected throughout our different ministries. Our University Discipleship Training School (Uni-DTS) provides a platform where university students live, fellowship, worship, evangelize, learn, and grow together every day for eleven months while studying at the local universities.

YWAM Oslo desires to see the Kingdom of God established on this earth while working together with other individuals, churches, and organisations.

We are committed to knowing God and making Him known in Oslo, Norway and in all the world!

Our Vision

Our vision is to make everyday disciples. We believe in a fellowship that equips ordinary people to make Jesus known in their environment by being a neighbor, fellow student or co-worker. We want to help you combine your everyday life with discipleship.

Our Locations

YWAM Oslo is centrally-located and currently consists of an office location at Holbergs plass 4 and a large DTS house at Gustavs gate 3. Our locations are rented through our cooperation with different Christian organizations and churches in the city.