Everyday Discipleship

YWAM Oslo is a missions movement (ywam.org) located in the heart of Norway’s capital city. We are committed to knowing God and making Him known in Oslo, Norway and in all the earth!

Our vision is to make everyday disciples. We believe in a fellowship that equips ordinary people to make Jesus known in their environment by being a neighbour, fellow student or co-worker. We want to help you combine your everyday life with discipleship.

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Our Discipleship Training Schools (DTS)

What is an everyday disciple? How do we bring Jesus into our studies, work, friendships and family life?

We all need to have healthy rhythms, friends to pray with and honest fellowship while staying tuned to God and what His heart is for every area of our lives. Discipleship Training School will equip you with the right tools to live a healthy and balanced life. Being a disciple is not an addition to your daily life but rather an integrated part of it. Discipleship is all about everyday life.

DTS will teach you about the character of God while you experience His goodness in a brand new way. It will provide you with lifelong friends and with new, exciting stamps in your passport. If you long to know God more and to serve Him wholeheartedly every day then this is definitely the school for you!

We have two DTS tracks at YWAM Oslo:

Uni Track

Combine urban student life with discipleship training

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Compassion Track

Combine caring for refugees and homeless with discipleship training

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The Bible is an amazing collection of books, but the truth is that it can be hard to read and understand on your own. Through Bibelkveld we want to make reading the Bible easier, a natural priority, more fun, more understandable and more relevant to our everyday lives.

We want to give you keys to unlock the Bible and apply it to your life. Our goal is not to stuff your head with facts, but to understand together and grow in love for our creator, friend, and Saviour. It’s a simple concept: We begin the evening with worship and move on to teaching, before ending with fellowship and food.

To register for Bible night, and for more information, continue on to bibelkveld.no (information given in Norwegian and English).


Disippel Oslo is a fellowship for students and young people who want to be equipped, challenged and inspired to live as disciples of Jesus in everyday life.

We meet up one Saturday a month to worship, share life and be with God together. Sometimes we invite a speaker to come so we can be encouraged to live as disciples through the teaching provided. As well as this, we usually give room for people to share testimonies and stories.

Twice a year we put on a weekend retreat somewhere in the outskirts of Oslo – a time to draw closer to God and each other. We´re not a local church but an inspirational hub – and a way to stay connected with YWAM.

We would love for you to join our fellowship! Contact us at disippeloslo@gmail.com if you want to know more, or check out either disippel.com (Norwegian only) or our facebook group for dates and more information.


Disippehus is facilitating for people to grow closer to God in their everyday life, as a group of friends living together, a couple, or a family. Key values of Disippelhus is “family”, “rhythms”, and “sharing Jesus”.

We believe that when you share meals together, share food budget, and intentionally want to get involved with each others daily life, you grow together as a family. We believe that when you live in rhythms of rest, spending time in the Bible, praying, and have time with Jesus on your own and in community, you grow closer to God. As a result of a daily life living as a family and in healthy rhythms, we hope to see each member of Disippelhus share Jesus in a natural way in their daily life. We want Disippelhus to be an inspiration and motivation to live the life you want to live with Jesus – in the long run.

All disippehus come together twice a semester to share time in worship, celebrating life together, and enjoy fellowship. Each disippelhus is also followed up twice a semester by a person outside the disippelhus.

Each disippelhus is responsible for housing, as we do not provide apartements. If you want to be a part of Disippelhus, or have any questions, please contact us at disippelhusoslo@gmail.com.